What is happening to America, at this time in history, is about far more than whether or not we salute our Flag. The past forty years, especially, have ushered in a political contempt for what God thinks… This was not the case, in 1776, when our homeland was founded. Our scientifically advanced society scoffs at God’s blueprint for men and women and endeavors to obliterate the roles God intended. This did not used to be. Tragically, our government has endeavored to redefine God’s Plan for Marriage and the Family. Our laws continue to uphold the killing of our unborn people in direct defiance to God’s admonition to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and His warning, “thou shalt not Kill”. This also did not used to be. The truth is that when a nation chooses to live in disobedience to the laws of God, that nation is on a downward spiral towards Hell.

The American Flag is a fading symbol of what our Nation was founded on—Judeo Christian Values and the freedoms/protections they afford. In modern day America, these principles—once cherished—have now become the reason our Flag is disrespected and often times despised. While it is good to safely grant citizenship to law abiding people wanting a better life, our country now suffers from being infiltrated with millions who have come illegally, and with a dark agenda—many of which do not share the values that have shaped and protected our once great nation. Instead of showing gratitude for America, there is a dangerous effort to transform it into something that would be a far cry from “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. What we are witnessing within America’s borders is a War on what used to be a firm foundation, not that long ago. Those among us who don’t respect our Flag, and our heritage, are a disturbing symptom of the deeper problem we face as a nation. There is a decisive turning away from God Himself that has caused a systemic spiritual madness to gain a stronghold. When we reject God’s plan for mankind, and believe we know what’s best, we open Pandora’s box; we unleash all manner of wickedness. We invite God’s wrath. We heap condemnation upon ourselves when we call good evil, and evil good.

Unless America returns to its foundational roots, “One Nation Under God”, and upholds the unique architecture of our Constitution God helped our founding fathers pen, this Nation WILL Fall. It’s not a matter of if; It’s a matter of when. America is in grave danger of becoming a mere footnote in history. If we don’t change course we will be remembered as another nation who refused to learn from the past—who perilously redefined it to the point it was forgotten.

Cindee Martin Morgan