1.) You are an Arminian and Not a Calvinist.
2.) You are a Calvinist and Not an Arminian.
3.) You Accept Any Version But The KJV.
4.) You Only Accept the KJV.
5.) You Baptize Infants.
6.) You Don’t Baptize Infants.
7.) You Are A Catholic.
8.) You are Not A Catholic.
9.) You Are Not Baptist.
10.) You Are Lutheran.
11.) You Are Anglican.
12.) You Think C.S. Lewis Was Saved.
13.) You Are Methodist.
14.) You Are Presbyterian.
15.) You Are Not Presbyterian.
16.) You Are Charismatic.
17.) You Are Not Charismatic.
18.) You Are Pentecostal.
19.) You Are Not Pentecostal.
20.) You Are Eastern Orthodox.
21.) You Are Not Eastern Orthodox.
22.) You Welcome Public Debate With Unbelievers.
23.) You Don’t Debate Unbelievers.
24.) You Don’t Believe In A Pre-Trib. Rapture.
25.) You Do Believe In A Pre-Trip. Rapture.
26.) You Reject Dispensationalism.
27.) You Embrace Dispensationalism.
28.) You Use Grape juice for Communion.
29.) You Don’t Use Grape juice For Communion.
30.) You Are Not A Conservative.
31.) You Are A Conservative.
32.) You Drink Alcohol in moderation.
33.) You Smoke.
34.) You Believe Gays Can’t Marry.
35.) You Believe The Old Earth Theory.
36.) You Believe The New Earth Theory.
37.) You Believe Women Should Be In Ministry.
38.) You Don’t Believe Women Should Be In Ministry.
39.) You Don’t Use The Internet To Witness.
40.) You Do Use The Internet To Witness.
41.) You Voted For Our President.
42.) You Didn’t Vote For Our President.
43.) You Don’t Home school Your Children.
44.) You Send Your Children To Public School.
45.) You Don’t Tithe 10%.
46.) You Have Tatoos.
47.) Have body piercings.
48.) You Have long hair/beard.
49.) You Speak In Tongues.
50.) You Don’t Speak In Tongues.
51.) You Don’t Shout Down Opposing Viewpoints.
52.) You Don’t Publicly Condemn Those Who Disagree.
53.) You Don’t See The Value Of Legalism In Our Churches.

Is Anyone Confused?

One thing my father, Dr. Walter Martin, taught me is that there are serious Errors in the Protestant Faith (and it’s endless denominations), Errors in the Catholic Faith as well as the Eastern Orthodox Faith. Plenty of Error to go around… My father grew up in Catholic schools, became an Episcopalian, and later a Baptist. He was shunned, by some, for being divorced. He was rejected/slandered, by many, for being Post-Trib. He was demonized for exposing “the gospel in the stars” (what he believed to be a form of celestial fortune telling) and for standing firm against homosexuality.

In spite of the lack of love he was shown, Dr. Martin pressed on and taught the difference between Cults who reject the Living God/Gospel and Flawed Christian Churches everywhere who contain the True Gospel in spite of their traditions and/or non-essential theological shortcomings. Having had the life experiences he did, he gained a deeper understanding of what mattered most to God. He became sensitive to legalism and it’s trappings. He recognized the Lord has preserved the core faith of our fathers that was, “once for all delivered to the saints”. He studied the entire history of the church which gives the kind of perspective more Christians desperately need.

There is widespread finger pointing, condemnation, demonization, pride and division throughout the body of Christ. Dr. Martin believed that if we confessed our sins, turned from them—have a living breathing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, demonstrated by the fruit of a life of obedience—we would be saved in spite of our limited/evolving understanding of God’s Word. That is the true test. Dr. Martin constantly warned Christians to love one another, to expose/resist error but to show one another mercy recognizing that none of us know all of the answers. He lived his life harvesting the common ground between believers, embracing it and built on that firm foundation; he did not demonize brothers/sisters in Christ who didn’t agree with him on everything. This is why my father could teach/preach at the Melodyland Christian Center when he wasn’t Charismatic. This is why he could debate a Jesuit Priest, Father Pacwa, on The John Ankerberg Show and openly recognize/acknowledge Father Pacwa as a brother in Christ without endorsing certain errors he warned were spiritually life threatening. This is why he could be friends with Hal Lindsey and yet not believe in the Pre-Trib. Rapture, or condemn those who do. It is why he could be on TBN in spite of the fact he opposed the Health/Wealth gospel. He instead chose to dialogue and be salt/light as long as God gave him opportunity.

Dr. Martin treasured moments to share the truth in love. Was he perfect in this? No, none of us are, but that was his goal. He was a warrior of the cross who exposed cults while at the same time shopping at a Mormon owned grocery store and purchasing his house from a Mormon. He was not legalistic—he loved people! He had a burden for the lost. He had a burden for those in the church who might not be saved. Scripture tells us that “the Wheat Grows With The Tares”. My father was extremely mindful of this. While we can never know the beginning from the end regarding who will be saved—and because of this should never mark one another as Tares—God wants us to know that the person next to us singing “Just As I Am” may be lost. (Love the song but sadly some have misunderstood that we MUST bear “fruit that will last”.)

A fatal error in the Protestant church is believing that once you are saved your life doesn’t have to produce fruit since we are not saved by works. While it is not taught this way, some Christians act like they can essentially “name and claim” their ticket to glory apart from obedience to Christ. All of us have heard of stories like the 10 year old boy who gave his life to Christ in church camp but lived like the devil–yet had said the magic words decades ago–so was saved. Paul is always warning against this thinking—urging us to “examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith”. We are taught as Christians that while works don’t save us, they are the “evidence” we love God and are indeed “called according to His purpose”. We are called to walk in “the works God prepared in advance for us to do.” Countless people, on the other hand, fall into a snare by thinking they can work their way to heaven not recognizing they have never known the Living God; they have not been redeemed. These kind of errors, that exist in all Christian churches, can lead a soul into the fires of hell.

So while we disagree with many of those around us, we should not lose sight of what matters most to God…We should gently correct one another, in love, and allow ourselves to be corrected. Yes, Truth Matters but Love/Truth should never part from the lips of a true believer. “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love mercy/kindness, and to walk humbly with your God…” (Micah 6:8)

Cindee Martin Morgan

#FaithOfOurFathers #LoveOneAnother